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 twilight town. . . so many questions. . .

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PostSubject: twilight town. . . so many questions. . .   Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:01 am

A dark portal opens and I step through, The sun is setting in the distance. I look around and realize that I'm back where I started. This is the same alleyway where I scared that child. . . Why am I back here? I think nothing of it and wander through the streets, the town is surprisingly empty. It's odd considering the people in this town are used to seeing strangers. where is everyone? My brain rattles with thoughts of the heartless, did they do this to the town? Annoyed with all the questions entering my head. I try to find something to get my mind off of the aftermath of the tragic chaos that occurred previous to my arrival. Just then two Dusks appear in front of me.

"come with me. . . "

Why are these things after me? Why did I go into that castle? What will happen to me if I go with them? . . .


I open a dark portal, and escape before those white creatures decide to attack.
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twilight town. . . so many questions. . .
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