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 onward to the town of halloween

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PostSubject: onward to the town of halloween   Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:53 am

A dark portal opens, and I step through. The night air is crisp, and I breathe deeply. I'm in a dark forested area, in the distance I the lights of a town. I head into town and there are no people in the square, I understand since it is dark most normal people sleep in their warm beds, dreaming softly. I sense someone behind me and I turn around, there is no one there. . . odd. I decide to walk in the direction I am facing. I stop to look around, and notice the strange architecture. It seems as if these were built to induce fear. I hear the shuffle of feet, and turn to see who is there. I see no one, only a tree that has been dead for ages. I continue into the town; it seems I am in the town square. The square is decorated for some holiday, I'm unsure what led me here or why I even came here. . . I will not lie. The place looks like something in a dream I had long ago. . . . .


I jumped (though not truly afraid) the person had come up behind me, when I was lost in thought. I turned around, and was surprised indeed. For behind me was a man rather on the skinny side.

Well to be honest he was a walking skeleton. I was not frightened by his appearance how could I be, However he had at least the decency to introduce himself.

"greetings! I am Jack Skellington, and this is Halloween Town."

"It's a pleasure Mr. Skellington. Have you seen those wretched black creatures anyplace?"

"The heartless?"

"So that's the name of those vile creatures. . . suiting."

"Not too many lately. . . but a few, I can handle them."

"then I have no business here, I am leaving."

I opened a dark portal and was about to leave when, I heard a scream. I ran to the sound only to see the heartless surrounding someone. I took them out easily considering that there were only five shadows. I opened another dark portal, and left the town of Halloween, and It's inhabitants behind.

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onward to the town of halloween
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