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 [Nobody] Zetsumei, Shourisha

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PostSubject: [Nobody] Zetsumei, Shourisha   Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:11 pm

Name: Zetsumei ,Shourisha (Tends to like being called Victor seeing as his name means that)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: What could be described as a ‘simple complexity’. That is the true description of the mind and what it holds, in other words, the personality and emotion. It is, at the very least, confusing. Most people don’t understand what emotion is, but Shourisha just takes that whole understanding to another level. Sometimes he just can’t quite grasp it, and other times who could describe it in any detail imaginable. Well, he’s bipolar like that. He has always been bipolar, and had such an understanding and amazing reasoning that it can get intimidating sometimes.

Don’t get it wrong, there’s a casual, friendly Shourisha. Though all his sides are always calm, he is most of the time very serious and straightforward. Other times, if he is relaxed enough he will share that caring comrade side and, will, actually care for his comrades. Yes, this side of him is very rare, but Shourisha shows it once or twice in the time period of about a month. The manner or way in which he does this won’t be specified, as it is always random, strangely enough. Of course, he will obviously be nice and more warmhearted when he is like this.

But then there’s also the scary side to him. Shourisha would sometimes go on a kind of rampage, a blood thirst, if you will. It is one emotion or trait he does has not ever understood. Very few beings could understand it, actually. Randomly triggered by unnecessary means, could it be that he hasn’t fought in a long time, simply, a random event. Shourisha has also shown to go into this state of rage when angered, the most common cause because of his impatience. . But to explain the characteristics of this emotional state. Blood thirst is usually an enraged, less conscious, wild trait that not many share, but is quite dangerous for anyone. In Shourisha the characteristic ‘enraged’ is taken to another level. You wouldn’t want to be around him, even if you’re stronger than him. This state is not experienced commonly, however, Shourisha likes to keep his cool and just be serious minded like he mostly is.

Well enough of that. Why don’t we talk about the usual, most common Shourisha? He is usually serious most of the time, very straightforward and right to the point. Never does he show any emotion or rarely a gesture, he just doesn’t find the motivation or the ‘why’ to do so. In this emotional state he is rather different though, as he has shown to others the ability of perception. Shourisha could perceive others’ emotion(s) at the current moment and even how they feel. How is this possible? Simple answer; he pays extreme attention to the detail. It all depends on the one he is observing, however, as he cannot truly ‘perceive’ them if they hide their true emotion and desire to act a certain way. Shourisha uses this ‘ability’ or ‘talent’ of his in a rather serious, relaxed, and straightforward emotion when in battle, to read an opponent’s next act.

Like I had mentioned earlier, Shourisha has always had an amazing reasoning along with a wide understanding, sometimes getting to be intimidating. He never does things without a good reason, which should be kept in mind, because Shourisha is never mindless nor random except in his blood thirst. With this being said, it should be noted that Shourisha’s reasoning goes beyond words, beyond what one would expect from. It is a trait gained from many years of loneliness, when one starts to ask one simple question and progresses on to ask even more questions until they have come right down to the very detail of every last question. This makes him automatically look at the detail of everything surrounding him, making him aware of virtually everything around him. It truly is a mysterious, transforming process that made a big role in Shourisha’s personality.

So now you know Shourisha. He is a very serious, straightforward and straight to the point kind of guy, one that is aware of every detail around him and does things with a good reason. He is never mindless, never random, yet really bipolar to some extent. The only exception to this is his random and uncommon blood thirst, which is normally experienced once in a time period of about one month, in other words around thirty days. He can also be a casual guy who cares for his friends, but only if he is in the right mood and relaxed state, and yet he won’t exactly show that a whole lot. Well that’s Shourisha, hope he didn’t bore you or seem too weird.

Appearance: Shourisha is about 1.69m tall and he doesn't weigh that much, he weighs around 105 lbs. Mostly because he doesn't really eat that much, most people would think of him being unhealthy due to his under weighted state but he is quite happy and healthy. Shourisha's skin doesn't have any acne or freckles or anything of the sort, people can't seem to understand why Shourisha's skin is so pale. He goes outside regularly so it couldn't be because he doesn't get enough of the sun's rays. People believe him to have a sickness that makes him have pale skin, but Shourisha doesn't believe himself to be sick. He has a slightly muscular body, with a dark red colored tattoo on his right eye. It surrounds the bottom part of his right eye with a really thin layer making it so that you can't see it if you don't concentrate around that area. People usually don't believe that he is telling the truth about his age, he looks older then a 17 year old.

The first thing one notice’s about Shourisha's eyes they seem to hold warmth and comfort, the cool calming blue of his eyes reflects like a surface of water and you are the drop, you ripple and then vanish beneath his collective surface. People would usually feel safe around him, thinking that if Shourisha is there nothing bad would happen. He just seems to imitate a aura where everything around it would be safe no matter what. He has a nice face, most people would say. His long~ish dark brown hair falling down in front of his face slightly touching his nicely positioned nose. The back of his hair is slightly spiky, going down. When you watch Shourisha without him knowing, you would see that he bears a sad expression almost as if he was in pain. But once he knows someone is with him his face goes back to the way it usually is. People wonder if he doesn't like to be alone, why does he feel like that. Many people ask him questions without ever getting answers.

History: “They united to bring me here, and neither was there when I finally came…”

Born on October 18th, Shourisha was born from a young peasant whom died at childbirth, while the father was unknown whom he was. Shourisha was sent to and attended by a small orphanage. He was raised there for part of his childhood, and was also given a name by them as how he did not arrive with an official name. It was known, however, that his parental family name was Zetsumei, the very last thing his mother said at childbirth. This name given to him was because he often liked to burn things, and was often called “Shourisha” by his friends. He spent only part of his childhood in that orphanage, up until he was five years old that a traveling married German couple had adopted him.

“…and so they were replaced”

The adoptive parents had taken him to live with them in their home, near Twillight Town. Because the woman could not bear any children due to a condition, they treated Shourisha as if he was their actual biological son. From the point in which he had arrived at Berlin and lived there the next ten years, which he had spent quite happily. At the age of seven he had received education by local groups, had gotten a job at the age of ten and by twelve he could take care of himself. His parents were really proud of him, they expected whatever a good child could ever deliver. He would go through puberty, experience changes, feel different things. Pretty much a normal life.

“…It was a new feeling…”

One day he acted differently. Said he was tired of everything, tired of being so alone, tired of being stuck in a cage. Several times a week, he would escape his house and go hang out with the neighboring kids and have a good time, go up the mountains and just rest on a cliff, go swimming to a lake or river, anything. Truth is, this was normal for anyone his age, wanting to go around doing anything freely. Until one day, he might have gone too far. A small group of heartless assaulted him and his friends on a hill just outside of Twillight Town. Shourisha obviously didn’t know what to do. All they did was run, run and run. Just a few minutes after, they arrived at a river. Of course, they were forced to swim across it. One of the Heartless caught up with one of Shourisha’s friends, and held him tight with a knife for a arm to the neck. They didn’t understand exactly why it was. Shourisha threw a rock at the Heartless face, right on the left eye, and because of the startle he let go of the kid. He was too scared to swim, or even move. Suddenly the current got a little too fast. Shourisha tried to swim over to him and help out, but sometimes it seemed like he just couldn’t help him.

“I’ll never forget that thought.”

Then the other kids went and helped out. It took them almost ten minutes to save him from the vicious current, but it was possible about a little while. That evening Shourisha got home late, his parents were worried sick about him. This obviously led to punishment, having forbidden Shourisha to stay out past two hours a week, and only permitted to go as far as 20 meters away from it, enough for his parents or babysitter to watch over him. This only got him more frustrated than he originally was, the loneliness was irritating. He started asking questions to himself, simple questions. Why is this like that? Why does the other thing have to be that way? Why?, Why?, Why is everything that certain way. After only five months he had gotten answers to every single question, he was more aware of everything. He started looking so much at the detail of everything, and so quickly he’d observe and study one small detail. It was truly fantastic, he thought. It was the beginning of a new being.
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PostSubject: Re: [Nobody] Zetsumei, Shourisha   Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:12 pm

“I broke free from the cage.”

Three years had passed. And even though he was still forbidden from going out, Shourisha ignored that and escaped every so often. He also had a girlfriend now, one who truly loved him and would do anything to be with him. Most people thought it wasn’t right for them to be together, especially because they were too young to actually feel such love. She was just some local girl who lived about three blocks from his house, and came from a wealthy family. Eventually, his parents would find out one day and punish him even more, by locking him up. Most all people looked at their decision as the best there was for him, but it only incremented towards Shourisha’s naturally low patience and high temper. Lingering darkness, right in the middle of his heart, raging thoughts and unstable emotions. This was leading to complete disaster within the very core of his now empty feeling. It was the most crucial step to his own being. Already maddened, he knew the constant screams and shouts wouldn’t get him anywhere, so he improvised. He was so angry, so irritated with frustration… he managed to pull out the strength to lift the wooden bed along with the mattress and throw it at the locked wooden door. Brightened dark eyes staring outside, hair all over his face, finally looking at the light now touching his face.

“...and it was true disorder”

Madness. Such a perfect mixture of emotions or so it felt like. He went straight down the stairs, down to the kitchen, where the nanny was cooking. Once she saw him, she panicked from seeing him like that. It was… so enlightening to him. He grabbed the knife swiftly and stabbed her in the stomach. It was so frustrating, he wanted to do more, he carved her chest and face. This is just like a pumpkin, he thought. Insane. Bloody splashes on the wall and what looked like a puddle of that same blood on the floor. And that’s when the parents felt a silent disturbance in the house. The father went right down the stairs and upon looking at the carved corpse and bloodthirsty son. He tried to fight him off his sick little mind, but there was no return. Such a random event, what a wonderful delight it felt like in his head.


The mother, sobbing, slowly stepped down the stairs. Eyes, trembling. Heart, beating ever so slowly. Shourisha wanted to make this one special, so he crouched a bit in front of her and spoke in her ear. Whispering, telling her it would be fine, that he felt obliged to kill her for these events. Twisted sick. Slowly, the puncturing of the tip of the blade turned into a stab and carving in her heart.

And finally, right after the random bewildered incident, Shourisha woke up from his sick blood thirst. He was confused, like “why did I do that?”. It was late at night, almost midnight actually, so he went to the backyard of a neighboring house. It was that girl’s house, the one he liked so much. He threw a rock at the window, trying not to wake up anybody but her. After explaining, they had made the crazy and probably completely foolish decision of running away to another town. And so they did. They packed their things, and headed out to hide., Shourisha’s true home. He had also taken all of his parents’ money and the girl took half of her parents money.

“Nothing I could do.”

Shourisha and his girlfriend were being attacked by a large gang of heartless. Shourisha was fending off most of the heartless while his girlfriend was escaping as she was instructed by Shourisha. Shourisha fended off long enough for his girlfriend to escape but at the cost of sacrificing his heart to the heartless with that he had fallen into darkness. But it wasn't the end, while he fell into darkness he saw a light in the dark void where he was falling into. The light got closer and closer to Shourisha and there he was. Fully reborn as a Nobody.

Position: Neutral Organization Member

Realm: Darkness

Rp sample:

Shourisha awokened from the darkness that he felled in. He saw himself surrounded in light, he had no clue where he was or anything of the sort.

Am I in Heaven?

Shourisha wondered, the light was disappearing and he saw a man. A man who was lookign down on him. He had fire like hair and wore dark robes.


The man said as he chuckled a bit by what Shourisha said earlier.

But... I'm dead... right?

Shourisha responded afterwards the man whom had responded to his previous question. Shourisha is asking a lot of questions unlike his usual self to keep quiet but he couldn't help but be curious. He was pretty sure that the heartless took his heart and killed him.

"You are not dead just yet... your a nobody."

Shourisha opon hearing "Nobody" made him wonder if the man meant that he is a drop out or a loser or something of the sort so he asked him a question.

A Nobody?

"Someone without a existence, without a heart"

Shourisha was confused, he said someone without a existance or a heart. But he's alive so it would mean that he does exist and in order to live he's pretty sure he requires a heart.

But... I'm here... wouldn't that mean I have a heart and that I exist

The man responded immediately and told him

"You are like me, one who doesn't have a existence or a heart. A Nobody"

A Nobody huh?...

Special moves:

Name: Flaming Essense
Element: Flame/Fire
Description: Shourisha's body would began to have sparks of flame around him and sooner or later his body would catcgh on fire. However the fire will not harm Shourisha, it appears that his body is made out of fire but its actually a type of armor that is almost touching his body. It makes Shourisha sweat a lot seeing as how it's really hot but he can stay in this for a max of 5 post. The flame armor moves when Shourisha moves to make it so that his body won't touch the flames.
Cooldown: 7 Post
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PostSubject: Re: [Nobody] Zetsumei, Shourisha   Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:20 pm

Ok I get why it was to big 0.0 This Is So approved you know . Can't wait to rp with ya .
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PostSubject: Re: [Nobody] Zetsumei, Shourisha   

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[Nobody] Zetsumei, Shourisha
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