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 Nexero Tryferu

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Nexero Tryferu

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PostSubject: Nexero Tryferu   Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:24 pm

Name: Tryferu, Nexero

Age: Twenty-Two, Has been a nobody for ten.
Gender: Male

Personality: Nexero is not your typical thief. To be honest he isn't typical at all. He is obessed with becoming the
best at what he does but in no way is cocky. Nexero will constantly begin conversations and end the aburtly by either
cutting the other person off or simply vanishing. He reads quite a bit but for what ever reason refuses to reveal exactly
what he is reading. He respects most people he is working with and never forces his leadership yet there is some quality
about him that commands respect. He stays hidden at first when approaching people and tends to be hard to detect. He
has a very strict concept of justice and normally will refuse to bend in any concepts concerning it.


History : While still human, Nexero went by the name of Reneo. He lived a rather simple life...or it appreared to be simple.
Reneo was a thief. Not just any thief either. He was a master thief. He worked for the elite of Twilight Town, stealing
the tresures of others for his clients. It was a fun life, not to mention luxurious. His clients began to like him and took
him in as one of their own. They showered him in gifts and invited him to all their extravagant parites. They kept him close,
like a well honed knife. Eventually he found love. One of the nobles which contracted him had the most beautiful of daughters,
though her beauty was not what attracted Reneo. She was a hidden scholar of the shadey arts. By night, when she thought no one
would know, she secretely attempted to learn the tricks of the trade. Eventually Reneo approached her, offering to become a tutor
of sorts. This lead them down a long winding path toward true love. Several years into their secret romance, Reneo worked up the
courage to appoarch his loves father. The noble laughed when Reneo asked for permission to marry his daughter and banished Reneo
from his manor. The following night at a party of another noble, Reneo and his love were caught together. Her father was so disgusted
he ordered that they would be burned to death. As the ultimate punishment he decreed that Reneo must watch as they burned his love.
Guards held him, blades at his throat, as the girl was murdered. Her shrieks rang in Reneo's ears as darkness desended upon him.
After her final breath, the guards motioned to move Reneo, and he struck. With a hidden blade he slit their throats. He grabbed one
of their fallen spears and dashed back toward the manor. He burst into the party dripping with the blood of those he slew. Before he could
be stopped, he found the cold hearted father. He lunged and pierced his heart as his own shattered into nothingness. One word left his lips
as he pulled out the spear..."Catlyn..."

Position: Nuetral

Realm: Darkness

Rp sample:
Reneo was awoken by one of the various servents that were employed by the house in which he was currently a guest. The girl was no older than
twelve and still spoke with a lispe.

"Excuse me sir. I'm sowwy to wake you. The master wequests youw pwesense."

Reneo rubbed sleep from his eyes and ruffled his hair then stared at the girl for a moment trying to comprehend what she had said.


The girl bowed her head and giggled at Reneo's early morning confusion. Her mint green hair tumbled over her eyes hiding their sky blue color.

"Sir, the master. Master Urial."

Reneo groaned. Urial was old. So old that he spoke extremely slowly. This annoyed Reneo. Not so much that he wouldn't use the relic for food and a roof,
but just enough so that Reneo went out of his way to avoid him while in his house and at various social events.

Reneo flung the covers off of himself revealing the little fact that he was only wearing his cotten sleeping pants. The young girl stared at him for a moment
then left the room giggling so Reneo could change.

After an extremely long shower, and a drawn out search for clothes Reneo began to navagate the manor. He took the long route to Lord Urial's study, purposefully
getting lost several times. He sighed heavily as he pushed open the large oak doors revealing walls upon walls of books. An anient voice rang out from deep within the stacks.

"Reneo?...Reneo is that you, boy?"

Reneo sighed and walked toward the voice. His eyes scanned over the titles as he went. The old man looked up from his book as he apporached.

Special moves:

1) Smoke Art- Fading Clouds of Fygyn
Element= Fire

Nexero's body fades into clouds of smoke. It is then able to move anywhere where normal smoke would be able to go.

2) Fire Art- Gwynt Noswaith
Element= Fire

Nexero breathes in deeply and closes his eyes. The air turns in his lungs becoming secrecy and passion embodied. He then exhales, sending out black flames which take various forms. Most often the flames become a cone or plume of the deadly flame.

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PostSubject: Re: Nexero Tryferu   Tue Aug 04, 2009 3:27 pm

So far so good, but I'll have to see the full thing before I can approve it Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Nexero Tryferu   Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: Nexero Tryferu   

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Nexero Tryferu
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