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A kingdom hearts rpg Forum . Create Your own character and fight against the heartless and nobodys. Or become one of them and get the lower Nobodys and heartless to Attack The keyblade wielders .
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 Heartpoint system

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PostSubject: Heartpoint system   Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:20 pm

The Heartpoint system Is Just something I Thought of to Make it better to gain abilitys . Is Like A Leveling System. For Example You Get 100 Heart points then You can Use the Spell Fire .
You gain heart points by posting. Everytime you post you will get a few points . The Points won't give you any strength or Power Boost. its just for that if other members would join later they would have a gaint step back. on here it just comes onto rp skill and the way you use your abilities. The magic spells you can use on you own way. Becreative . But Make sure It not turns godmodding.

Heartpoints - Magic - Description - power

0- Fire - a fire attack - 5
100- fira - A Stronger fire attack - 15
300- firaga - strongers fire attack - 30
Note: Cooldown 2 posts

10- blizzard- A Ice attack low chance,on freezing people-4
110- blizzara- a stronger ice attack,higher chance on freezing people-8
310- blizzaga- Strongest ice attack , high chance on freezing people - 16
Note:% on getting freezed is 1/10 So don't say like every hit freezes someone. also the you'll be frozen for 1 post . the damage you take is getting halfed. the ice can only take 3 hits so after 3 hits the person is able to dodge
cooldown:2 posts

40- Thunder- A lighting attack- 10
140-thundara- a Strong lighting attack- 20
340- Thundaga- Strongest Lighting attack- 40
Note: cooldown 4 posts

100- Gravity - An Heavy spell that makes your body feel a bit heavyer and makes you walk slower. -0
400- Gravira - an stronger heavy spell that makes your body feel heavy making it hard to move.-5
600- Graviga - Strongest heavy spell that makes your body feel really heavy making it unable to move.-10
Note: This attack last for 1 post . But in that move you can still do something to block it . Be reasonable.
after one hit the spell will dissappear.
Cooldown: 6 turns

120- aero- An Wind Spell that Shield You a bit from attacks.-0
450- aerora- an wind spell that shields you from attacks.-0
700-aeroga- and Wind Spell that shields you and does a bit damage to the person who hits it.-3
Note: this Shield Is There for 3 Posts .
Cooldown: 8 posts

150 -Reflect - Reflects the attack and does Low damage back.-5
500- Reflera - Reflects the attack and Does normal damage back.-10
750- Reflega - Reflects the attack and does higher then the normal attack damage.- 20
Note: This attack can do major damage but If he jumps back after an attack Or is at range distance it will have no effect. You can Know it from the games .
Cooldown:12 posts

If you read this You will see that you will be missing a Few Spells . Cure magnet and stop. I did that cause they would probaly cause a lot of trouble while rping. Cure Cause then you can keep using it to heal yourself and that the fight will never end. magnet cause you will pull the enemy to you and he will have no chance on blocking your attacks . And stop cause then you can keep damaging him for a whole turn and Well That isn't fair . not like with Gravity you can still pull the power to move a bit . but after the hit the spell ends and you will be able to move again.

About the abilities . The Basic abilities like dodge roll, guard and combo plus and stuff like that you will gain automatic . cause you not playing a game with limits . You are rping and must write your moves so you can do every move until it become non-logical. The moves like Glide , high jump , Quick run , and Air dodge are unavailable. High jump is just something you can use and the others aren't really needed.

Note: This Can still change cause i'm Still thinking off a Mp System .
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Heartpoint system
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