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 [Nobody] Axet Rondel

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Axet Rondel
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PostSubject: [Nobody] Axet Rondel   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:02 pm

Name: Rondel, Axet

Age: 17, has been a nobody for five years

Gender: male

Personality: With a calm yet not caring expression that seems to be frozen on his face, Axet is an odd teen who usually likes to be by himself and usually gets aggravated by the presence of more than two people surrounding him. He doesn't really have a sense of humor but tends to make witty remarks that only few would understand. Although not quite a kid anymore, Axet tends to act a little childish by sometimes being a little too rash, a little too bratty, and a little too sensitive. Axet is a hot tempered, quite teen who likes to be by himself but doesn't mind the presences of few, but any more would aggravate him.

Appearance: Axet always has headphones covering his ears although music is never playing. He wears a chain around his neck that he keeps showing, at the end of the chain is a dog tag, one side having a frozen rose and the other having a snow flake. Not matter where he is, Axet always seems cold and his breath is always visible as if the cold was attracted to him. His skin is pale white and his eyes are dark blue, almost looking black.

History : As a human Axet Rondel was an orphan with the name of Tae living in the streets of Hollow Bastion, he felt alone, cold and lost. Each day he would knock on doors hoping that there would be someone to help him, feed him, get him warm..... or maybe even just care for him, but he sadly found no luck, being turned away by everyone. Starting at the age of nine Tae started to move from place to place, each new home getting colder and colder. At the age of eleven he snuck onto a ship heading to Traverse Town, the ride there being the coldest he had ever been. When he arrived he ended up being caught by a man, he was furious that Tae had snuck onto his ship and was about to hurt him but was stopped by and elderly woman. The woman named Donna ended up adopting Tae, he spent the next year with her after she took him back to Hollow Bastion, though it was still cold, he still had someone that took care of him. At the age of twelve, Tae started taking daily jobs doing all sorts of things from taking care of a dog to fixing a car. He eventually got an odd request to find this families' lost cat who had been lost for four years. Tae walked up to the door and knock, he was planning on denying the request until the door opened up. In front of him was a woman around the age of 39, she looked shocked. She began to stutter and eventually told him that she was his mother. The thought that he wasn't an orphan and his mom was out there the whole time made Tae furious, why hadn't she looked for him? Tae jumped at her, knocking her down to the floor then started to kick her, screaming "Why is it so cold, why is it always so cold?" He meant something else but decided to frays it differently. before he could finish the job of killing the woman who claimed do be his mother, Tae's heart began to be taken over by darkness.... he was now consumed. What was left behind was an empty shell, his body. Tae was turned into a nobody, though with no heart, he was filled with only few emotions, hatred, loneliness, and other bad emotions except for one, Tae had two other emotions that kept him sane, a little bit of happiness and logging for someone to take care of him. Tae now goes by the name of Axet Rondel of Organization XIII after helping out in the war against the corrupt nobody. Being second in charge in the rebellion he stayed as the second in charge for the organization.

Position: Organization Member

Realm: The darkness

Rp sample:
By this time Alet was already calling his adoptive mother, 'mom'. He ran out side saying he would be right back, that he was just going to check the mail. Alet slowly opened the mail box as it made an eery sound, he looked inside to find a letter, another job for him. He opened the letter and read it, his body shacking and his teeth hitting against each other as if he was cold.

"Dear Alet Rondel,
I have heard that you were looking for a job and I have got one for you. Four years ago I lost my cat, I know its been four years but somethings telling me she is still alive. Can you please help me.
From, Elizabeth."

There was no way Alet was going to take this job, the cat was sure to be dead by now if she hadn't seen it for four years, but he needed to decline the request in person. Without even thinking of telling his new 'mom' he was leaving, Alet hopped on his bike and took off to the house where this 'Elizabeth' lived. The house seemed dark, warn out, and slowly rotting but he still needed to tell her. Alet slowly knocked on the door as a cold breeze blue up against him. The door opened to show a woman who looked around the age of 39, she was holding a mug of coffee and answered with a shrill voice. She looked down at Alet and dropped her mug, eyes wide opened, she looked shocked. "Y-y-y-y-you can't be..... is it really you...... you're finally home, son."

The woman bent down going to hug Alet, but Alet was shocked by this.... more than shock, he was furious. Alet jumped at her, knocking her to the ground. He started to kick her. "Where were you?! Where?! Why does it have to be so cold? Why does it always have to be so COLD?!?!" Alet that moment Alet stopped, he was just staring at the wall something was happening to him, it felt like his heart was being pulled out of him, he was being consumed by the darkness.

Special moves:

Name: Cold Neglecting
Element: Ice
Description: Ten pyramids of ice form and surround him, the tips pointing outwards at his surroundings, at his command they shoot off each can do the normal amount of damage, 10 but they each go in different directions.

Name: Ocean's Comfort
Element: Water (don't know if I'm allowed more than one element, but its worth a shot ^_^)
Description: Four walls of water surround Alet, this is used as a defensive move that slows down an attack coming at him and sometimes may completely stop an attack.

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PostSubject: Re: [Nobody] Axet Rondel   Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:48 am

Approved . and Water and ice are like the same element only ice is the frozen water . so I Approve it.
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[Nobody] Axet Rondel
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