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 Metuo, Anxidon

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PostSubject: Metuo, Anxidon   Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:20 am

Name: Metuo, Anxidon

Age: 19, he was a Nobody for 7 years

Gender: Male

Personality: Anxidon is a very loose, easygoing person. He is always ready for a good laugh, and because of this, he can end up being quite the malicious prankster. Entertainment can come at any cost, including someone else's down fall. Because of this he is rather sadistic. Seeing others suffer makes him feel a sort of natural high. It is because of this blood lust that Anxidon is so dangerous. He is unpredictable, and borderline insane. This is not to say that he would fatally harm his own allies. Though he will do harmless, or only slightly harmful things to them, he would never truly do anything to harm those he cares about. In fact, if he truly cares about someone he will do all he can to protect him. In short, he is someone you want to have on your side, because if your not, he wants to watch you die slowly, and bathe in your blood.

Appearance: Anxidon has unkempt black hair, that reaches down to below his temples, and just barely begin to cover his eyes. His deep crimson eyes pierce through the jungle that is his hair, their intensity causes the discomfort of some. A necklace of a silver Ankh rests upon his slightly tanned neck. He is around 5 feet, and 8 inches tall, and his build is not very muscular.

History: As a normal human, he was called Nadino, he spent most of his life Destiny Island, living in Tranquility with his friends. From day to day life, he generally started as a very nice person, someone everybody can get along with. Over time, his friends began to notice strange behavior. Nadino was developing the blood lust that overcomes him to this day. He was found to have strange, twisted thoughts, and this was shown in action when anybody did anything to him that he didn't like. He would be absolutely merciless, if somebody challenged him, he would make them regret it. Even when the fight was over, he would continue showing acts of cruelty such as continuing to beat the offender while they were down. This was his warped sense of justice. Eventually his friends were realizing what he has become, and simply shunned him, casting them off. They no longer wanted him as a part of their lives. Due to his personality, he wanted revenge, but was too smart to do it. There were so many of them and on of him. He spent days and days making a small raft, and set off from Destiny Island. One day he would have his revenge. He vowed that he would make them all pay. It was only a matter of time. On his journy, to wherever fate takes him, he lived off of a surplus of Paopu Fruit. In a way this showed how his lifestyle was. Eating a fruit meant to be shared by two, alone. This was a sign of his exclusion from his friend's lives on Destiny Island. He eventually found his way to a place called Twilight Town. It was here that something extraordinary happened to him. He was consumed by darkness. This 'Transformation' was unexplainable, and in a way, painful. His heart was consumed by darkness, the darkness took it over completely, robbing him of his emotion, and some of him memory. His heart, left nothing. Nothing but a body, which gave him form, and soul, which gave him life. It was during this transformation that Nadino actually realized something he never knew before. His will is stronger than the average person. If it wasn't for this he would have been left nothing but a malformed Dusk, but due to the power of his will, he was left looking more or less the same. Looks aside, this tragic transformation had left Nadino, now named Anxidon like every other Nobody, just a shell of a man.

Position: Organization Member

Realm: Darkness

RP sample: Anxidon had once more gotten himself into trouble. It almost seemed like he was going to get through the whole day without anybody wanting to kill him, but apparently with his type of attitude, it’s inevitable. This time it was three men. They would seem pretty tough to the average person, but then again, Anxidon was not average, nor was he a person, no matter how humanly his appearance looked. Whether it had been over money, women, or just three guys who were looking for trouble, Anxidon had a fight on his hands.

The wind blew through his hair, displacing it completely, not like it made a difference as it was already messed up as it could be. He then stared off at the horizon; the sun was half obscured by the mismatched buildings of Twilight Town. Soon enough it would be night time, but luckily for him, he didn’t have a curfew or time limit to being out here. “Alright, I have plenty of time. I suppose I can have a little fun with you guys.”

Infuriated at how lightly he was taking their threat, one man charged after Anxidon, his purple fist trying to make its way into his stomach. Anxidon took little notice, and simply chopped downward on his arm, sending him into the floor. To make the trip quicker for him, Anxidon held his foot up, and kicked downward into his back. Stepping on the back of his head, Anxidon proceeded to the other two. He used Tepes, his trusty weapon, on his right arm, and fired two stakes off, both of them stabbing through each of the men’s stomachs.

Their bodies did not fall forward until Anxidon retracted his stakes, as the strings held their corpses up. “I suppose I went a little bit overboard.” With that, he simply turned around, and continued to wander throw Twilight Town.

~Special moves~

Name: Frost Burn

Element: Ice

Description: The strings on Tepes freeze, and get so cold that who ever touches them to suffers from an icy burn.

This can be used 5 times in battle

Name: Crystal Impalement

Element: Ice

Description: A stake of ice emerges from anywhere near the victim, in an attempt to impale them.

This can be used 5 times in battle

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PostSubject: Re: Metuo, Anxidon   Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:31 am

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Metuo, Anxidon
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