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A kingdom hearts rpg Forum . Create Your own character and fight against the heartless and nobodys. Or become one of them and get the lower Nobodys and heartless to Attack The keyblade wielders .
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 [human] Kaichi Joord

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PostSubject: [human] Kaichi Joord   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:25 am

Name: Kaichi Joord

age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Joord is a Nice Guy. He is a Trust worthy Person. But Joord can also Become very cold . When This comes up the person who is near him or fights him will be in trouble . His fighting style changes. When it comes to that He will do everything to kill his enemy . On the moment he becomes cold He Red eyes become blood red. Joord also doesn't Know pain . If he would be beaten he wouldn't even care. Seeing his parents died when he was very Young and that he never got to meet them.

Joords Hair And eyes Are both red . He has A White Skin. His Pants and Sleeveles Shirt are Black while the Lines over it are Blood red.

History/Background: Joord Birth Went Great , Nothing bad happened in the year He was Born.
His Mom Was A great Person He Gave Joord a lot Of Love and Mad him feel happy .
His dad Was The One who was really Protective .
Seeing that when Joord was Born a lot Of heartless and Nobodys Where still there .
His Father Was a Fighter.

Joord was Now 5 years old.
He was sleeping and his parents where out.
They where both walking over the street but on a moment they got attacked by heartless.
during that attack Both his parents died.

the next day when Joord woke up He wondered where his parents where.
He got worried after Hours of waiting.
This went on for months.
Joord was Now very lonely,nobody ever came by .

now 1 year passed by and Joord was still lonely , but he now knew his parents where dead .
That Night Joord was sitting on top of his house. He saw dark beasts coming towards his house .
It where 5 heartless .
Joord didn't know what to do .
He ran Down Into the basement .
He never came down there .
There The Heartless Serrounded him .
Joord was corned to a wall .
When one of the heartless wanted to attack A Pulse of darkness Went through the room .
The Heartless who attack Joord Dissappeared and Joord Was Holding a Dark red Keyblade.
On that moment His eyes turned Dark red and Joord started fighting The Heartless.
After a while Joord defeated the Heartless.
after That Night Joord started Training and Traveling through worlds And fighting People till he was 16 years old.

Element: Darkness ( No Extra element)

Spells : Fire , Blizzard, Thunder

Position: Neutral

Realm: Darkness And wind

Rp Sample:
Joord was sitting ontop of the Clocktower in twillight town . It was almost dark and the sun was red . Joord sighed. He was kinda Lonley. even so he kept sitting there . Every seconde went by and Joord Kept feeling even lonelyer .

The Sun went down and Joord was looking around . The Streets Where empty and nothing was there to see. Joord stood up and walked to the edge. Well Its Time to do my work. He Jump Down The clock tower Landing On his feet . On that same Moment A Horde Of Heartless appeared. It where just weak shadows so Joord didn't had much trouble with it .

The heartless started to attack and Joord was still standing still and The Heartless where almost closing in . They Grabed Him and Darkness Started Growing around them . Joord Wispered A one Word. [color=red]Fire.[color] A Blast of flames Erupted out of the ground,It made the heartless dissappear. Even So it was a Weak attack the heartless were also very weak so it would be enough to destroy them.

But it wasn't done yet. He Looked around and Neo shadows started appearing . Joord counted them and It seemed it where like 5 neo shadows . Not very much but it could be hard . One of them started the attack . It jumped Towards Joord . He Didn't really care . He closed his eyes and pushes out his hand . a Blow Of wind Pushed the Neo Shadow away and Joords Keyblade appeared .

The Seconde the neo shadow was Pushed away Joord also dissappeared into darkness and five new portals appear behind the neo shadows . five Shadow Joords Came out and Slashed them Apart . The Portals Dissappeared and Joord appeared again. Joord Walked away as He took out most of the Heartless now . He sighed and started walking.

Special moves:

Name: Wind Push
Element: Wind
Description: Joord pushes his hand Forward And A Wind Blow Will be Send Into that direction . The person who gets hit by the attack will be pushed away and get off gaurd . The Damage Will be Like 10 hp.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Darkness from behind
Element: Darkness
Description: Joord dissappeares and a dark portal appeares behind the person . Joord can have Make out max Of 5 portals for if there would be more enemys. Out of the portal A shadow Joord will appear Slashing the persons back. The damage is Just the normal damage of a hit.
Cooldown: 5 posts

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PostSubject: Re: [human] Kaichi Joord   Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: [human] Kaichi Joord   Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:45 am

Name: Shadow step
Element: Darkness
Description: Joord dissappeares into darkness with out a portal and reappeares somewhere . This move is tricky cause it doesn't have the time needed for a dark portal
Cooldown 2 Posts

Name: Wind Boost
Element: wind
Description: A Wind Layer Goes Over His Keyblades, And at the moment He swings it , It will send a Wind Slash Towards His Opponent. It also Boosts His Damage times 2 for 1 post.
Cooldown:6 posts
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PostSubject: Re: [human] Kaichi Joord   

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[human] Kaichi Joord
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