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 Cannon Character Request

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PostSubject: Cannon Character Request   Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:19 am

Name: Axel
Rp Sample:
[Wasn't sure what kind of thing would be wanted for this so this is me winging it majorly]

The darkness was folded so tightly around him, suffocating. Why had he not noticed this before? Found its tight curtains that bound him uncomfortable? Not struggled to get free of this oppressive, seeping pitch black?
Axel blinked rapidly, though the only way he could tell this was true was because he willed himself to. There was not an iota of difference in light levels. Attempting to push down the rising fear and bile in his throat he set himself to the task of working out where he was.
His limbs could move, though where he was going was a mystery and it was similar he felt to how walking through half-set custard would be in feeling. The blackness oozed and clung to him relentlessly.
Running his fingers through his hair he concentrated on what he last remembered. Then it came flooding back, as soon as he allowed himself to acknowledge the events. He had 'died', or a form of death if a nobody could truly die. His hand clutched his chest, above his heart, the remnants of real feeling ached, but he smiled. He felt, maybe he was not entirely lost.
Before he could consider this any more closely the light appeared. Axel flinched instinctively, his eyes burning after so long. Or, how long had it really been? He couldn't say.
The portal was unlike any he had seen before, and he was scared to approach something so alien and pure-looking. He and pure, he knew, were not meant to go well together. A nobody was a being of darkness, and belonged nowhere in the light.
Inching closer to the pulsing orb he glared at it, considering his next move. He could put his hand into it just to be destroyed, and it wasn't a prospect he relished after the first experience. Before he could jump back, a hand reached through the light towards him, groping around almost comically as if searching for a light switch.
"Silly, I told you I'd see you in the next life." The hand laughed, opening for him to take it with his own.
Axel hardly dared believe before he took the hand and was pulled through the light.

Weapon: Chakrams called "Eternal Flames"
Spells: Fire, I assume.

~ Hope I passed Very Happy If not, no worries. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to post here.
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PostSubject: infotech   Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:24 pm

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Cannon Character Request
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