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 Anchorage, Ruster

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PostSubject: Anchorage, Ruster   Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:08 am

Name : Anchorage, Ruster Rosuta, ろすた

Age : 16

Gender : Male

Personality :
As a fun and active boy, Ruster shows a similar format to a normal teenager of his age. Being neither highly optimistic or highly pessimistic, he can blend into most normal places. He saw his life as a simple and plain child similar to everybody until 1 year ago. He now views his life as a special one, just unique in his way, neither bad nor good. He does not care how anyone views him, and he tends to ignore commenting on this fact.

Ruster has a strong hate of enemies, especially heartless controllers and powerful nobodies, and may willingly try to kill an enemy that . He believes that darkness is only a bunch of lies that grant people fake power. This thought brings out his side of light, and for it is one of his innermost thoughts, loyalty to light is granted. Even though he hates enemies this much, he tends to have a bit of forgiveness, and may forgive other people that come back and regret their mistakes. Friends are an important part for him. They are his company, spirit and reason why he can live on. His friendship is strong, tight and trusting.

Showing-off... not very appealling to Ruster. He really doesn't like showing off, knowing the consequences that will happen if he does. Increase of responsibility and more disappointment for failure are two of the results of useless showing-off. He gives no attention to people showing-off and ignores them completely, whether it be friend or foe.

Intelligence of an over 170 IQ brings out less gullibleness for everything and a very suspicious personality. He suspects part-time party members, people he just met and most especially, enemies. On the other hand, he is extremely suspicious of friends too, knowing nearly always when they are lying or not.

His biggest secret is his goal itself, the biggest of his desires to accomplish. He tends to change the topic everytime a person asks him, whether friend or foe. His main objective is to find his mother, a person swallowed into darkness. He seeks to find and rescue her and strains to rescue her from the darkness.

Appearance :
Ruster stands at an average height for any teenager. His hair is black, and lands in layers around his neck and reaches the collar of his shirt. He has dull-grey eyes and fair skin. Ruster is skinny, and has a lighter muscle mass than other characters due to his lack (or dislike) of excercise. Ruster wears a dark grey T-shirt with a white cross on the front, and over it a ragged black coat whose inside is colored red. He also has a pair of gloves with yellow trimming and steel knuckles. He wears no signature medallion unlike other cannon keyblade wielders. When he does not weild it, he carries around his keyblade by letting it dangle behind him from a sparkling white chain.

Halloween Town : Ruster wears tight-fitting black T-shirt and pants, with skeletal decorations. The upper side of his right face is covered by a skull-like mask, while there is a cut with (what he hopes is fake) blood trickling down. The socket of the mask has a red, glowing eye. His other one is shaded, and he has a pair of black leather gloves.

Atlantica : Ruster becomes a merman with a black shark's tail. He wears a short-sleeved red jacket that comes only to his waist. Inside, it is colored black. The coat has thin white trimmings if observed carefully and he wears no gloves. Ruster is able to wield his keyblade in this form.

Pride Lands : Ruster becomes a black panther cub, with a white streak on his back. He also has a white X on the end of his tail, crossing exactly at the end of the streak. He wields his keyblade with his tail, wrapping it around the keyblade's handle.

History/Background :
Home World : Black Palace -- A lost world

Black Palace -- A world that was a round, white and oval-shaped ball under a brilliant black Castle. Around the world, a garden and playground could be seen. At the exact opposite of the castle, a large grandfather clock could be seen, which, when observed carefully had the heartless sign in the middle of it. The world was divided into four parts. The Castle, with its brilliant and magnificent floor, ceiling and walls, had many chandeliers hanging from on top of it, brightening the whole place up. There were a basement, which had not even a single bug in it, 7 rooms on the first floor, 10 floors on the second floor, 5 rooms on the third floor and an attic, as wide and clean as the basement. In total, the 22 rooms, basement and attic were used for the following.
  • First Floor
    - 1st and 2nd rooms -- Dining rooms
    - 3rd and 4th rooms -- Kitchens
    - 5th room -- Bathroom
    - 6th and 7th rooms -- Guest rooms

  • Second Floor
    - 1st, 2nd and 3rd rooms -- Play Rooms - One for each Child
    - 4th room -- Bathroom
    - 5th, 6th and 7th rooms -- Study Rooms - One for each Child
    - 8th and 9th rooms -- Guest bedrooms
    - 10th room -- Balcony

  • Third Floor
    - 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rooms -- One for parents, One for each Child
    - 5th room -- Balcony

  • Attic & Basement
    - For storage

The second place was the playground, a bright, beautiful place that was always bustling with children. The slide is the biggest part, then there is the see-saw, swing and tower, which was connected to the slide. It had many other playthings that you could ride on. There was a theme park inside the playground, and it was like any theme park -- there was the rollercoasters, flume rides, bumper cars and all that. The only difference it had was that it was three times bigger, and had two of all the rides. However, since it was inside the playground, it was totally called the playground.

The third place was the garden, where there was many brilliant and shinig flowers. It had a gate made of gold, and trimmings were done in silver. The low steel wall, that only comes to an adult's ankles that was put there to prevent children from coming inside, was colored a perfect white. There was flowers of red, green, yellow, orange and any color that you can imagine, even black. The sweet aroma could be smelled, and it was the ideal place to go whenever anyone was to take a stroll.

The last place was the Grandfather clock, which told the time to everyone in this world. The world's key hole was inside it, and only could a person see it by crashing the glass with his head(Which nobody would want to do).

Ruster, the son of a king and queen, was the only prince in a Palace made of Black Limestone. He liked the world, which had meny bright children to play with, many beautiful gardens, shining parks and delicious foods. His child-time life was heaven, and he was happy enough with it. He had friends, and he had a best friend that he was known to always be around him. They nearly lived together, seperated only for the hours they slept. The Royal parents were happy with their child, and the children too, for a matter of fact. They were in a world completely surrounded with light, though they were not. It must be the fact -- light and dark must co-exist. A man, being a rival for the king, always looked for their chance to revenge the King's "stealing" of "his" throne. One time, he were scheming how to destroy the royal family, he were strolling around the garden. As he was only concentrating on their plan, he did not notice that he had already passed the garden and walked head first into the grandfather clock. His head crashed into the glass, and as he was squirming to get his stupid, useless and idiotic lump of fat out of the clock, he noticed the keyhole to the world in there. He opened the Keyhole, and was consumed into the darkness. After that, heartless came pouring out, borrowing the darkness from the king's rival's hatred. They soon covered the world, and had consumed all the children inside it. Vitus was sleebing in the 3rd level 2nd bedroom, but he woke up to the screams of people. When he woke up, he suddenly saw heartlesses appear from the floor, knowing their identity due to his studies. He retreated against the wall, but still, the darkness engulfed him. At the very end, which was end for him, he felt a cold, hard feeling at the end of his fingertips. Somehow recognizing it, he swung the rod, sword or whatever it was(He could not see his keyblade's identity) to fight back the darkness, but it was too late. He fell through the darkness, still more and more......

Waking up on a normal day, James, a Gummi engineer, got off the bed, dressed and decided to wake his wife after he smoked a cigar on the porch. James went to the porch lit the cigar and looked over Traverse Town, tranquil as it used to be. He felt something at his feet, and when he looked at it, he was shocked speechless, and dropped his cigar. A boy, looking of about 15, was lying there, having a keyblade on his other side. James ran to wake his wife Clover, and together, they took in the child, believing him to be a present for they had wanted a child so badly even when growing old. Raising him dearly, they found out that he had only vivid memories from his past, but that didn't matter to them. They grew old, and one day, in their sleep, they left the world together, walking away from their hardnesses. In the last sentence of their will, they stated that Ruster was to be granted all their munny and their Gummi Ship. Ruster, crying, vowed to make use of their last gift. After this process, a keychain materialized his pocket, and it has the shape of a brown cigar on its end. Not noticing it, Ruster stood up and decided to find his own mother, the mother that he had an only vivid memory of. He began his long journey of travelling, carrying only his keyblade, the munny, and James' Gummi ship.[/size][/font]

Element : Gravity

Spells :
  • Fire -- A Fire attack

Position : Keyblade Wielder

Realm : The Light

Rp Sample :
One bright day, with the sun shining over the polished slide, two children could be seen, playing under the shade of the soaring tower. They were playing in the mud, covered by the brown, oogy gooey stuff all over the place, which had been left like that after the harsh rain had pummeled the dirt. They seemed restless, even though they had spent a full 5 hours in the theme park. A maid watched them, slightly grinning to herself, in a loving way. She decided that was enough for the day, and brang the two children, covered in brown slickery ooze, to the first floor bathroom. With her fellow companion, she washed them clean, straining down all of their struggling and wriggling. Picking up a conversation about the children's day, she chatted with her friend as she washed the little children.
Good day, isn't it?
Sure is. I was watching the sunset from the balcony on the third floor. As beautiful as usual.
These two sure had a good day! *laughs*
They always do, if I'm not wrong! *laughs too*

As the two maids chatted away, they finished the children's bath, dried them, and put mini bathrobes on each of them. One of them shook the hair, letting the wet drops of water fly everywhere, including the maids' clothes. When the other child met the water that his companion was making, he also shook his hair in reply. Finally, the maids where able to get control of the laughing children, dry their hair, and send them to their playroom. After pouring down all the dinosaur toys they had in front of them, they divided them into two parts. After picking up their favorite ones, (The first one picked up the T-rex, and the second kid picked up a stegosaurus) they crashed them together playfully and started their favorite game -- "War of the Dinosaurs". After a while the two children atarted arguing.
Hey, my dinosaur won!
No, my dinosaur won!
The maids heard the squarrel, and came to seperate the children.
Now now, go back to each of your bedrooms and sleep. The Grandfather clock points at 9 already!

Grumbling, the children parted, as each of them headed for their room on the third floor. The second kid went the opposite way than the first and headed for his room,
which was accessible by a white door, with a sign hanged over it. The boy carelessly opened the door and slammed it from inside, making the sign tremble furiously. The sign said "Ruster's Room".

The next day was raining, so the children weren't allowed to go outside for permission. Ruster apologized to his twin brother
(I'm sorry about yesterday.
No, I'm sorry, it's actually my fault)
who he had fought with before, Vivi. After mending their friendship, they went downstairs to meet their mother, father, older brother and sister sitting at the table, waiting for their breakfast. Right then, the maid, who's name was Isabelle, came in with the other maid, Katrina. They served the royal family a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and soup. After a healthy breakfast, the children, wearing rain coats, went to the theme park, where there was a huge ceiling (Which comes out when it rains or snows) to begin their daily routine.

Special moves :

Name : Coup-de-Grace とどめ, Do-do-me
Element : None
Description :
Ruster throws his Keyblade in a sweeping arc, dealing damage to several enemies at the same time. This move allows Ruster to destroy or stupefy any enemies in a 20 meter range at a speed of that which is nearly equal to the speed of light. The technique is at the same level of danger during all the twenty meter's range. It's force is able to blast through several reinforced titanium walls and could divide water by the pure force. The downside is, as this attack uses speeds that are equal to or exceed the sound barrier, the resulting sonic boom will dull everyone's hearing, especially Ruster's. Also, the Keyblade will turn red hot if Ruster uses the skill two times without stopping, and will break if used three times.
Cooldown -- 5 posts

Name : Sentence : Death Penalty 判決 : 死形, Hanketsu : Shikei
Element : None
Description :
Ruster cuts in a vertical fashion after a horizontal slash. Due to the high velocity and power this technique uses, Ruster's keyblade leaves a blade of air that rams into the opponent. (The force tends to become weaker with distance : up to 20 meters away, and the attack will blast through reinforced concrete; 100 meters, and it will just be a breeze.) This technique can be used to slice an unprotected human cleanly into half or quarters with little effort, and can cleanly cut through a raw egg, not breaking it. The downside is, as this attack uses speeds that are equal to or exceed the sound barrier, the resulting sonic boom will dull everyone's hearing, especially Ruster's, like Coup-de-Grace. And his arm, which is unable to keep up with the speed, will be severely damaged if the technique is used two times in a row, and will be completely broken with 3 shots. If Ruster waits 7 posts after using it, then he will be able to use it again without harm.
Cooldown -- 7 posts
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Anchorage, Ruster
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