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A kingdom hearts rpg Forum . Create Your own character and fight against the heartless and nobodys. Or become one of them and get the lower Nobodys and heartless to Attack The keyblade wielders .
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 All the sand. . .

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PostSubject: All the sand. . .   Tue Nov 17, 2009 11:40 am

A dark portal opens, and I step into a world I have not yet seen. Only one obvious thought, that there is sand everywhere . . . It even looks like the buildings are made of sand . . . Okay, so I'm exaggerating, Big deal. Inside the town I hear talk of a "cave of wonders" as if something like that could exist. I wander the markets, and to many people here, strangers are unwelcome guests. However I'm not the one who is unwelcome at the moment.


I look and see a monkey running with jewels. . . Is this the thief? such nonsense, If the man can't catch a monkey he deserves to be robbed. I Ignore the scene behind me, What's in front is more interesting. . .

"My revenge will be fulfilled. . ."

I spoke to the creature, which I have not yet encountered, However I know it is my enemy. . . It bears the insignia. Being a heartless it understands nothing of my spoken word, only the violence boiling in my body. . .

"Stupid Creature. . . You can't take a heart that doesn't exist!"

I charge at the large body, And attack my fist bounces off and hits me in the face. (100-10=90)

I jump over It and attack from behind, It flinches and strikes at me, I see the attack coming so I dodge it. Then I move around behind and strike with a seven hit combo. (7x10=70 450-70=380)

It then jumps int the air and a shock wave rides through, I did not see it though and the attack hit. (90-10=80)

I then jump up from the ground and jump behind it and strike with a five hit combo (5x10=50 380-50=330)

I tried for seven, but had to dodge at five. It's hit missed, and I strike again with five hits(5x10=50 330-50=280)

Then it attacks and it hits me.(80-10=70)

I strike back with a six hit combo.(6x10=60 280-60=220)

It uses its jump attack again and this time i see it coming and dodge, Then I smack it with a three hit combo.(3x10=30 220-30=190)

I cast a fire spell and it smacks the large body (190-5=185)

"what was. . . How did I do tha-"

I was interrupted by the fist of the large body (70-10=60)

I'm getting pretty weak now, I need to strike. I attack with an eight hit combo (8x10=80 185-80=105)

I gasp for breath and it takes a chance to strike, but it misses, and I hit it with a five hit combo, (5x10=50 105-50=55)

I followed up by two kicks (2x10=20 55-20=35)

It attacks again but I'm focused, I dodge with a quickness I've never had. Then I strike with a five hit combo. (5x10-50 35-50=-15)

The large body vanishes. . .

"Good riddance!"

I opened a dark portal and limped my way out of the land of sand.
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All the sand. . .
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