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 what is it with all the castles?

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PostSubject: what is it with all the castles?   Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:29 pm

A Dark portal opens, and I step through, I'm in another castle. What is it with all these castles, they are everywhere! The place I lived had no castles, the people led simple lives. No one I knew before had anything even fairly elaborate, let alone elegant. I was "enjoying" the view, despite my obvious "hatred" for castles. Yet this castle had an air of oddity, and enchantment. I was curious, curiosity is not my strong suit. I enter the castle, the door was locked but who needs doors when you have dark portals? I look at the courtyard, and saw several statues in a circle, I continued on I got to the door that allows one into the castle itself. I look at the door, and not to my surprise, it too was locked. Like I said: Doors who needs 'em? The dark portal opens and I walk through into the castle, unlike most castles, this one is dimly lit. My curiosity strikes again, I go up the stairs and take the left way. I follow the hallway into a set of stairs, and decide to take the stairs up, then I turn left again. This is the darkest hallway I've ever seen, that's saying something considering that I have been in the dark realm. . . I enter into a room. The furniture has been smashed, the only thing that is not smashed is a glass case. Inside the case is a rose, and crimson glow emanates from it's presence. I pick up the case, and examine the rose. . .

"Who are you, and what are you doing with my rose?"

I turn and see a beastly looking man, he wears an elegant purple cape.

"Pardon my Intrusion, I saw your castle and couldn't resist entering."

"Answer me!"

"My name is Venyx, I have your rose because," I placed it down lightly and continued, "I am a curious person, and I could not resist the charms of such a marvelous rose."

"Get out of my castle. . . NOW!"

"I was going to inquire how you acquired such a rose, however, I am unwanted here. I understand that, I will leave."

I open a dark portal and step through to the other side, another new world awaits me.
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what is it with all the castles?
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