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A kingdom hearts rpg Forum . Create Your own character and fight against the heartless and nobodys. Or become one of them and get the lower Nobodys and heartless to Attack The keyblade wielders .
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 The empty places

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PostSubject: The empty places   Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:05 pm

A dark portal opens and I step through. I am in an empty room, In the distance I hear voices. . . I've got a feeling that I need to be quiet here. I search the room for anything that might be useful, No dice. I sneak into the next room And I hear a voice,

"Come with me. . ."

I turn and I see a Strange creature That I have not yet encountered. I am examining it closely. Again It says,

"come with me. . . "

I'm not sure if I should go. . . It slightly resembles the heartless, my sworn enemy. . . I decide that, it is in my best interest to leave I open a dark portal and exit the strange Grey Place.
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The empty places
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