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 what is this place?

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PostSubject: what is this place?   Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:06 pm

A dark portal opens and Venyx steps into the second district of traverse town, where is my home? this is not the place either, just another random world.

"I just want to go home; is that to much to ask?"

Speaking to no one in particular,I think that I will never find my home. I wander into first district and see people running. This must be the work of heartless. . .

I run straight for the source of screams, just then I see a person being lost to the heartless. I run straight for them, my power flowing through my body. I lash out with my first attack, which is dogded by the swift form of the shadow. I sense something behind me. I turn to see another heartless headed for me, I put my best foot forward tripping up the only neoshadow in the group. I kick at the shadow at my feet, sending the little thing flying. Then I grab one by the antennae using it as a weapon beating the others with it. It dissolves in my hands as I squeezes its little neck. The neoshadow heads for me now, the only one left. I smack it five times and dodge its next move.(5x10=50 99-50=49hp)

It moves into the ground and sneaks up behind me, slashing at me. (100-10=90)

I clench my fist, and swing at the heartless which has dodged my move. I then strike with my right hand. (49-10=39)

I follow up with a three hit combo. (3x10=30 49-30=19)

The neoshadow is now weakened, it hunches over, but is relentless, It swipes at me, but I dodge it. Then I hit it with a two hit combo (2x10=20 19-20=-1)

It vanishes into thin air, I smile though I don't feel happy, I can't feel anything. . . I'm a nobody. I wonder if all this fighting has solved anything, that's the fourth time I watched heartless take a life, not including my own. I look up at the full moon that looms above traverse town. the only light around at the moment, everything else is dark. I think of the irony that I too no matter how I try to change it, am also dark. The light reflects off my skin and I wonder if I'll ever feel whole again.

I open a dark portal and leave this town.

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Posts : 28
Join date : 2009-10-15
Age : 27
Location : The deepest darkest hole in my sanity

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PostSubject: Re: what is this place?   Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:57 pm

My return to Traverse Town, was more abrupt than I wanted it to be. The dark portal opens and I look around. The dark portal took me here I was aiming at a new world and was brought here. It seems to me that some thing urgent is calling me. I turn to see a child crying. . .

"What's the matter boy?"

The child does not respond to my words, only looks at me like I am the answer to his prayers.

"Speak up child. . . I grow impatient."

To be fair, I could not feel impatient. However, the silence of the child brought about old memories. . . I was truly getting tired of waiting for this child to answer.

"If you have nothing to tell me then I'm going to leave."

I opened a dark portal, and started to move through when he spoke. . .


I looked in the young child's direction, and he looked up and asked.

"where's my mommy and daddy."

"Boy, I don't know you, and I most likely don't know your parents. . ."

I looked past the weeping child in the knowledge, and disappointment that I could never feel again. This poor child only reminded me of my losses, I do not even know where my home is. . . I took a closer look at the child he brought back even more memories. . .

"wait. . . . . What. . . is your father's name?"

He replied quicker than anyone person I had ever encountered. . . he is proud to be his father's son.

"My dad's name is Notirash (No-tea-rash)"

I turned in surprise, and now It all was clear to me. . .

"how did you get here?"

After a long explanation I found out that his parents had been lost to the heartless. He's an orphan Just like I was. I Explained that he would most likely, never see his parents ever again.

"NO!!! You're LYING!!!!"

He ran at me and punched me repeatedly. His anger had summoned a substantial amount of heartless. I can't fight them here, and I can't let this kid get taken either. I open a dark portal, and escape to the third district.

I find a spot decent for hiding a child.

"stay here! don't talk to anyone. don't even make a sound. I'll be right back!"

He nodded, and I opened a dark portal to the district we were in earlier. I began to fight the heartless there when I realized I had left the kid all alone, He was in a dark place right now. The heartless would swarm to him so fast that, I didn't want to think about it. I reopened my dark portal and ran to the child; He was safe for now, but I could sense the heartless gaining.

"Look kid, I need you to calm down. Your anger and sadness and all those dark emotions are calling those nasty little creatures. These feelings are what caused your parents to die, and mine. The one thing I need you to do is forget about the things you feel right now. I know it's hard. . . But you have to try."

"Okay. . ."

Instantly I could sense a major decrease in the amount of darkness surging through Traverse Town.

"You must be special kid those heartless really want your heart."

I open a dark portal.

"Think of home, and this will take us there. . . I promise."

I step through with my memories of my home surging through my brain.
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what is this place?
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