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PostSubject: Kerukai   Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:40 pm

Name:Stone Kerukai

Age: 16, he's been a nobody for 40 years


Personality:He has a very reserved personality, not really making any friends and remaining a very mysterious individual

Appearance: His hair is a ragged white mop on his head with blue highlights. He wears a white dress shirt with a back and dark blue pin striped tie. His pants are ragged blue jeans, covered in patched holes, the patches all various colors from different cloth he's found. He doesn't wear shoes. On his wrists are various armbands, and he wears one blue ring on the middle finger of his left hand

History : Kerukai had been aquaphobic for all of his life. His father had been the captain of a trade ship and one day he left and never came back. His mother had drowned herself, lost in the grief of his death. having had both of his parents taken by water, Kerukai never wanted to be around it again. But when his home island was hit by an enormous hurricane and lost to the sea, he was left stranded on a log in the ocean. He spent days lost at sea, until another storm struck, and a title wave sent him deep into the depths of the water. There,his heart and mind cried out to the deep...and it answered, pulling him from the dark depths and washing him up on the shore of a nearby island He didn't know that he had died and became a nobody until he discovered his own body washed up on a distant shore.

He became convinced that his mother and father's souls had become one with the water, and saved him. He felt connected to the water and found that he was able to make it do what he wanted. And he found that he was even able to become water himself. In fact, he became convinced that he was water, and the body he was using was just a puppet. He even spoke like the body was someone else.

Position: He is a neutral force

Element: Water

Realm: to what realm do you belong . He belongs to the darkness

Rp sample:
He walked calmly through the rows of graves, until he found himself staring at his own. Kerukai chuckled, reading over the name on the stone. "He is not dead," He said, running his hands through his snowy white hair. "No, he lives, and he finds this monument to be amusing, because he has never felt more alive." He smile, but the smile didn't reach his icy blue eyes. It never did. "After all," he continued quietly, "One cannot kill the sea." He reached into the aquatic powers that had become so natural to him, and his body became vapour, drifting away from the lonely grave.

Special moves: Body of Water, Voice of the Sea
Make Your own Special moves. You can Only Have 2 Special moves at start . every 100 points you will get a New special move. Make sure your skill description looks like this.

Name: Voice of the Sea
The Element you use: Water
Description: Kerukai can command water. He can make it move, defend him, and/or attack, all with his mind.
Cooldown: 1 post

Name:Body of Water
The element you use: Water
Description: His body becomes a type of water such as ice, actual water, and even water vapour. He uses it as a weapon, and as a way of movement and escape. It looks like he melts or, if he turns to vapour, simply poofs.
Cooldown :7 posts
Cooldown: (i dont understand this?)

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PostSubject: Re: Kerukai   Sun Nov 01, 2009 3:24 am

approved , but you need to put the cool down and Limit of the moves . With cooldown i mean the posts between before you can use it again . Like you use the move and can't use it for the next 3 posts and then be able to use it again . also need to do that with the first tech . you can do that with one post cool down . and the seconde at least 5 . the limit of the seconde can be 10 posts or something .
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