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 Hitoma, Neeko

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PostSubject: Hitoma, Neeko   Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:13 pm

Name: Hitoma, Neeko

Age: 16 , has been a nobody for 11 years

Gender: Male

Personality: Neeko is very silent, and rude and sometimes self centered.he loves
staring up at the Moon at night. He is cold and calculating and worries for his goals and his goals alone. He has no morals, as he sees them as being obstacles
to Keep him from getting stronger.

Neeko is not above deceiving others as well, being able to easily
manipulate others. Neeko Loves to Fight, and but will only
do so when it either does not interfere with his goal, or will further them.

Appearance: Neeko has short messy Black Hair, and has
a fair skin complexion. He wears a white T shirt, and a Long sleeve
Black leather Jacket. He wear Black Jeans and Black Fingerless Gloves.
he has a Chain hanging From his Belt. He has Dark Purple Eyes.

History :11 years ago, Neeko... wandered off
at night from his suburban, home into the woods... after Losing his mother in a Fire.
Lost Neeko Sat on a stump ... and stared up at the moon, and Fell asleep with Tears in his Eyes.

Neeko Then woke surrounded by strange black Monsters( heartless ) who suddenly attacked him. Time froze, as a Voice Called to Neeko" Neeko... do you want to get rid off the monsters ", the voice asked, Scared and frightened, Neeko nodded into space, when the Voice spoke again" Do you want to get rid of your saddness... I can help " the Voice continued.

Neeko still young and naive, merely stated that, he doesn't want to cry anymore... and with these words Neeko, is covered in a Vail of darkness. Just as time unfroze
and the heartless lunged at him... and without a second thought.. neeko unleashed
a burst of energy destroying the heartless.

Tired and still confused about what happened, neeko realized he could no longer
feel his own heartbeat...and began to panic, when a man in black approached him, telling him that he gave his heart to darkness , and became a nobody. without another explanation. the man picked up, neeko and then entered a Dark portal.

eight years later, finally being old
enough to understand what had occurred that night, the man revealed that when he gave himself to the darkness, he became a nobody and simultaneously, formed his own Heartless. The man then asked for Neeko's loyalty to Organization thirteen, which the boy accepted. The Man then revealed that for him to be an underling of the organization. He must Defeat His Heartless, and then revealed neeko's heartless
from behind the room door.

After a Long struggle , Neeko defeated his Heartless, Proving himself to the organization being their underling for three years. until Neeko grew a desire to
recover Hearts to resurrect his mother, and ended up betraying the organization.
Neeko nearly completed his goal ... until The organization interfered and ruined his plans... This caused Neeko to obtain a new goal of Slaying the organization... and restoring his own heart.

Position: Evil

Element: Fire

Realm: The Darkness

Rp sample:

( This will be the the fight between Neeko and his heartless )

So this is my heartless,... * Draws sword *" I hope
you don't bore me," he said smugly suddenly the heartless
appeared behind laughing manically , Punching Neeko across
the room. Neeko Looks toward the heartless while rubbing his chin.

Neeko lunges toward, the heartless clashing swords
with him and slashing at it from all directions. Though the heartless
easily matches and blocks every single one of neeko swings. Neeko
then Flips back dodging , a horizontal slash from the heartless.
just as Neeko falls back down on his feet. The heartless Coats his body in flames, wildly flinging around his body, Then From his back spouts a large Tail in the shape
of a scorpions stinger.Just as the Heartless Lunged his tail at Neeko, the boy
calmly raised his Blades, summoning Thousands of black
thorn covered spikes stopping the attack and then rapidly piercing through
the The heartless' Body Killing it instantly.

" Damn that was close," he said as he smiled darkly in victory, and began
walking back to his room while sheathing his sword.

Special moves:
-Flame Imperial Scorpion( Start)
-Black Thorn of Existence( Start)

Name: Flame imperial scorpion
Element: Fire
Description: Neeko starts by crouching over and turning his sword upside down
Flames then form around neeko's body, giving him a spiky , armor appearance
the flame then continues to grow down neeko's back in the form of a scorpion tail.
It can be used as armor, and the tail once hitting something upon impact releases
an explosion of fire, and can be used in close range and long range combat.

Cooldown: This move has enough destructive power , at full power
to level a building with one swing of the tail. this move has no limit but at the cost,
it consumes more energy the longer it's used causing Neeko to become exhausted quicker.

Name:Black Thorn of existence
Element: Darkness
Description: A simple and powerful move, Neeko performs it by Raising his sword
in the air , summoning thousands upon thousands of large slim thorn spikes, which can be used for defensive uses and offensive purposes.

Cooldown: This move Can last for up to 15 minutes, and cannot
be used again for another hour, as it consume a large amount of Dark energy , and
It's and strength is enough to pierce through Stone.

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PostSubject: Re: Hitoma, Neeko   Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:15 am

Approved . You only need to put down the cool down on your moves . how long it lasts On the armor . and the damage . and welcome .
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Hitoma, Neeko
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