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 Soen's Dream.

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PostSubject: Soen's Dream.   Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:13 am

On destiny island, Soen is training with is bow and arrow. He shoots an arrow at a training dummy, and the arrow is suspended in mid air before it reached it's destination. Soen observes the area, and notices the dark unknown entity. Soen walks towards him. He notices his dark looking cloak with a hood.
Who are you?
The person tilts his forward towards Soen.
That's what you have been asking yourself lately, isn't it?
How do y-
Soen gets cut off by the man.
I have the answers you need, but if you wish to obtain them, You must . . .
Soen starts to feel a bit hostile towards the man and chooses to cut him off mid sentence.
Must what?
The man stays silent, he hesitates for a couple of seconds, then chooses to answer Soen's question.
You must die. Just this once.
Soen seems to be shocked. His eyes open wider than usual. He doesn't blink, he just stares down at the sand.
Its your choice, choose to fear the darkness, or embrace it!
Soen falls down to his knees. Holding his head. He is in violent pain. The words continue to repeat through his mind over and over. Then seem to be getting louder as a steady rate, faster, and faster. He feels as if he is mentally falling into an endless pit of nothingness. Suddenly, Soen wakes up in his bed. He has a fierce look on his face. He didn't jump out of his bed. Just sat up. There was no one around, as he hears the soothing sounds of the ocean.
I'll find out who I am. My way.
A breeze flows violently through his room, as he stays still. Staring at the sea, Wondering, where he belongs.
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Soen's Dream.
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