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 [Human] Donna Ahlquist

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PostSubject: [Human] Donna Ahlquist   Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:41 pm

Name: Donna Ahlquist

age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Donna is an antisocial who trusts close to no one. She dislikes violence but doesn't mind using it if she must, as long as it doesn't use up too much of her time. She prefers traveling and working alone, and hates being disturbed. She is usually expressionless and doesn't listen to anyone. An independent chick who does what she wants, whenever and however she wants to. Donna is extremely blunt and truthful and doesn't care what others think.


History/Background: [It sucks because I'm making it up at the top of my head but I'll make it better over time.]
Donna lived a cold a lonely childhood where she was hated by practically everyone she knew because she looked so much like her traitor mother. Her mother died giving birth but left her a strange necklace. The only one who dared to even speak to her was a complete opposite of her. He had blonde hair and shining gold eyes, everyone loved him. The boy was very skilled in combat and trained Donna to defend herself. The two spent much time together and Donna fell in love with him as well. As they grew up, they became closer and closer, promising to never leave the other's side. But on one sad, unfaithful night, the boy disappeared, leaving Donna all alone. Feeling betrayed and devastated, Donna left on a journey to find a reason to life and why she should continue living it. As time goes by, Donna becomes darker and darker. Who knows what will become of her sorrowful soul?

Element: Darkness

Spells : None

Position: Neutral, Keyblade Wielder

Realm: Darkness

Rp Sample:
Donna ripped off a piece of her dress as she ran, wrapping it around her wounded arm to stop the blood. Tying the torn parcel around the gash, she dived into the nearest window she could spot. Once inside, she hid against the wall behind a small wooden table. Donna tended to her injury as she waited for the pursuers to go away. The blood was leaking heavily and she could feel her consciousness fade. As everything before her eyes began to turn blurry, a figure appeared. As she closed her eyes, the last thing she heard was a scream and breaking glass.

Once awake, Donna could feel some warm liquid trickling down her arm, then something like a wet rag fell on her face. Surprised, Donna sat up, shaking off the rag. When she opened her eyes, in front of her was an old woman. Donna panicked when she saw the knife in the woman’s hand, and scurried into a far off corner. Surprisingly, the woman smiled, gently, and picked up an apple. “Sorry for the scare, I was just about to cut you some apples for when you wake up.” The woman said, chuckling. As she cut the apple into small pieces, Donna stood, watching the woman carefully. The woman held out a piece she had cut to Donna, but Donna refused to take it, in case there was poison. As if she was reading Donna’s mind, the woman ate the piece and cut off another one, holding it out once again. Hungry and confused, Donna took it and bit off a small piece. It was good. “I fixed up your arm and washed your dress. I’ll sow it up later.”

Donna, confused by the woman’s kindness when she was obviously just a trespassing stranger. She decided not to ask any questions in case the kindness may end just by doing so. As Donna thought this, the woman spoke once again, now sowing up the torn dress. “If you want to know why I’m helping you… It’s because you look like my daughter.” Donna took another bite out of the apple, stunned that the woman always knew what she was thinking. Donna sat still in her undergarments, taking small bites as the woman sowed up the dress, quickly and neatly. “Done!” Donna popped the rest of the apple into her mouth and stood up to take a look. The dress looked exactly like it had before except for the line where it was sown on. Donna slipped the dress on and spun around to see if it was still nice and comfortable. It was. The woman smiled and helped Donna tie the bow in the back. “My daughter didn’t talk that much, either.” When the woman finished, Donna turned around and spoke for the first time. “Thanks.”

Special moves:
Name- Dark Oblivion
Element- Darkness
Description- The necklace charm around Donna's neck appears engulfed in darkness. Everyone is blinded for just one second as the necklace charm grows and becomes a keyblade. In order for the keyblade to go back to its original size, Donna must release just a drop of her own blood.
Cooldown- 2 posts after Donna's weapon goes back to normal.

Name- Dark Rain
Element- Darkness
Description- This only happens when her feelings overcome her. Donna's red eyes become pitch black and her hair, bloody red. Black rose petals fall from the sky and everyone's sadness, anger, and depression becomes too much for them too handle, making it extremely painful, paralyzing the enemy. Affects everyone in the area.
Cooldown- 5 posts after Donna calms down.

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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Donna Ahlquist   Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:11 am

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[Human] Donna Ahlquist
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